5 Reasons why you should switch to Digital Planning

Curious why you should make the switch? Most people think that digital planning is completely a 180-degree turn from paper planning, but we beg to differ. If anything, digital planners are almost exactly like paper planners, but only so much better. We round up the 5 reasons why you should make the switch to digital planning (and why you’d most likely stick to it).


Are you the type who buys planners for several areas in your life? Say, one for your personal use, one for work, and perhaps another one for a side hustle. Imagine lugging around 3 separate paper planners wherever you go. With digital planning, you ditch the bulk and say goodbye to the weight. Simply import all the planners you wish to use and access them via a planning app/PDF annotator in your device.

Still feel your tablet/iPad is too heavy to carry around? Digital planners could sync through several devices (aka your phone – your laptop – your tablet) through your planning app. Just make sure to switch on syncing through the cloud, and you can simply take your smartphone with you if you want to keep it light in your purse!


If you like participating in Earth Hour activities, recycle items at home, or you just want to help save the planet in your own way, then digital planning is definitely for you. Once paper planners are used up, they end up collecting dust in a box or on a bookshelf, stowed away because—you’ve basically used it up!

Digital planners are a great way to remove paper wastage from your life. You may not be attending “help save the planet” movements, but you’re definitely saving our only home in your own little way.

3 – YOU SAVE ON $$$

Paper planners may seem super cheap, but imagine spending on at least 1-2 planners each month and multiply that by 12 for the entire year. Yep, it doesn’t seem like much, but when you add it up, it becomes costly.

Digital planners on the other hand, will help you save money in the long run. If you subscribe to a lifetime option, or if you get 1 planner and keep adding digital inserts and pages to it, you don’t have to keep spending on additional planners anymore. Others also opt to create their own digitally, so that also helps them save on cash. If you choose to purchase digital planners regularly as well, you get to keep track of your expenses as they’re digital purchases.


You know how pesky it is to use white out when you make a mistake on your paper planner? It ruins the aesthetic, and before you know it, you’ll tear out pages just so you can start all over.

Digital planning removes that problem. You can simply tap on the “undo” button to fix that mistake! No more white out, no more having to erase these little mistakes. If you’re also looking to be super organized with your handwriting, you can opt for the Text option and just type out info on your planner.


Imagine being able to design your planner with different stickers and inserts according to season? Imagine being able to add countless graphics to your planner that fit your style? Yes, digital planning opens these possibilities up for you, and the best part? You’ll never run out of ideas.

Ready to ditch the bulky paper planner and purchase your first digital planner? Head over to the Worthy Gal Etsy Store or Website and explore over hundreds of options that strike your fancy.

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