Digital vs Paper Planners

Are you a fan of paper planning but are looking for a more compact alternative and a quicker way to  sift through all that handwritten info? Digital  planners are your best bet. Much like a paper  planner (only better 😉 ), digital planners come in  PDF files that you can annotate, as if you’re  writing on a paper planner. Digital planning also  saves you time in the long run, as it’s easier to  hyperlink through inserts, search for handwritten  or typed info, and saves you space in your bag  because all you need is one gadget for ​all ​your  planners.

Are you convinced? Here’s a simple visual to see  the difference between the two:

  • Features:

  • Erase Mistakes
  • Duplicate pages you like
  • Remove pages you don't want
  • Reuse your planner every year (undated versions)
  • Move stickers and text as you wish
  • Type using fonts
  • Create your own designs and layouts
  • handwrite in your planner
  • Access from a digital device
  • Reuse your stickers
  • Paper Planners

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