What is digital planning?

Digital planning is similar to the process of keeping a planner, diary or journal but with the use of digital devices, such as a tablet and smartphone.

The customization options are pretty much endless, carrying your iPad or tablet around with you is soooo much easier than that big bulky paper with all those extra bits of paper falling out, it’s soooo much more cost effective and the options to customize your planner are endless. The stickers can be used over and over again, forever! The benefits are truly awesome.

Depending on the type of planner that you would like to purchase and use, you are able to do long and short-term planning by making use of the different templates provided (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly pages). Some planners also have specialized templates for expense and budget tracking, meal planning, goal-setting, etc.

To be able to start your digital planning journey, you need to minimally have the following:

  • Digital device – Of course, digital planning is only possible with a digital device! Whether you are an Android or an iOS gal, you are able to maximize the full potential of digital products with a tablet as there’s more room to unleash your creativity. Mobile phones, laptops, desktops would work too if you don’t have any tablets available. 
  • Planning App – As all digital planners are in PDF format, you will need a PDF editor/annotator compatible with your device. PDF annotators are programs/applications designed to open PDFs and provide tools to further personalized the planners such as insertion of text, images, shapes, etc. From feedback given by our customers, our digital planners work best with XODO for Android and GoodNotes 5 for iOS.
  • Digital Planner  – Not all planners are created equal! Structure is important so choose a planner which best fits your needs and your planning style.
  • Stylus – Now some people would be contented with just typing in planner entries. But for those who would want the full planning experience, using a stylus is the way to go.