Why choose digital planning over paper planning?

Why choose digital planning over paper planning? Worthy Gal

1. It’s portable.

We rarely leave the house without our phones and tablets, so having a planner that can be accessed whenever, wherever is better than carrying an extra item when going out.

2. It’s also reusable.

Undated digital planners can be reused year after year. Talk about saving Mother Earth while you save your hard-earned money!

3. Changes are welcome.

Have you ever experienced wanting to rip a planner page out just because you had to erase something? No matter how pristine your planner is, there are days when erasures and ugly handwriting are just inevitable. Now with digital planning, mistakes and re-scheduling of tasks need not be troublesome.

4. Possibilities are endless.

The limit doesn’t exist with digital planning. You can easily add photos, additional pages, text, stickers, etc and make it more, YOU. Your creativity will dictate the overall aesthetic of your planner pages. With the tools available in your chosen annotator, you can even modify existing templates to fit your planning style.